“As an artist/photographer I want to tell stories. Be curious. Art comes out of that.”IMG_5995


Looking at things close-up has been Dale Klippenstein’s habit since childhood when he spent a lot of time alone, exploring his small farm world, and wondering at stuff: how it was put together, how it worked.

At 10 he discovered the Instamatic camera, which, ironically, focused only from a distance. Then he acquired an SLR film camera, and shot from the ground up: spiders and weeds and dandelion seed. This “looking” passion led to a job at The Carillon News (Steinbach, Manitoba), where, after two years in the dark room, he begged for, and received a photography assignment: to shoot “a sideshow kind of drag-racer semi-truck. The police closed off Main Street…the semi burned out and did donuts. When the smoke cleared I had shot front-page cover! I was hooked!” The rest, as they say, is history….

Moving through the ranks paying his dues along the way, he worked his way to photojournalist and photo editor for a chain of newspapers.

Today, Dale specializes in Entertainment Photography,  Corporate and personal branding portrait Photography, Architectural Photography, Aerospace Photography and Product Photography. His experience and skill give him the confidence to tackle most any photographic challenge.